The Content Cloud tab is used for manually pulling content items into your site to share optional content between multiple Drupal sites. When pulling content immediately, the publishing authority is with the publishing site; when pulling content manually, the publishing authority is with the subscribing site.

Did you know?
The pull behavior is not influenced by how you push content. You can manually pull content whether it's been pushed automatically or manually- any combination is possible.


Once you have added a Flow to Pull content Manually, you can see a new Tab Content Cloud on the content overview page in the administration area of your site.


Access content from your pools

Pools are used to divide content into different, logically separated content repositories. You can connect different sites to different pools and also configure different workflows per site per pool. This allows you to group sites together and route content to only a subset of sites. You can for example create one Pool for media elements and one Pool for content or you can create one Pool for content for sites A and B and another Pool for content for sites A and C. You can create as many Pools as you like or need. Which Pools are available to the site is defined by the Flows you create for pulling content.


We automatically generate previews based on the first image/media we find in the content and any rich text field like a body field. The preview also includes all assigned taxonomy terms of the content by default. You can also create your own preview as a view type and assign it in the Flow settings of the site that pushes the content. All the other meta information like the name/title, content type or publishing date is included automatically by us.


The preview and title/name of all items is fully searchable. So you can easily search by title, text or taxonomy terms (notice the search bar; colored highlights are visible to editors):


On top of the full-text search, editors can also filter by:

  • Status
  • Source site
  • Content type (type/bundle)
  • Pools
  • Publishing date (before/after)


Content Sync will always show you the total number of items that matched your search. Without any filter applied, it will show you the total number of items available that were not pulled into the site yet. You can use the page links in the center of the screen to easily navigate backwards and forwards. Content Sync will show 5 items per page by default. Editors can also navigate pages using the arrow keys < > .

Pull content

To pull an item into the current page, just use the Pull button on the right side of each item:

A loading animation is displayed while the content is being pulled into the site:

After the content was added to the site, editors see a link to view the content locally:

Advanced actions

Editors can use the drop-down to view the content on the source site in full or show the most recent updates and use across all sites.

Admins can also serialize the content for a technical representation or to view the latest content changes: