If you're using a CI/CD pipeline for your sites, you may want to export your configurations to your QA and production environments without having to configure them manually everytime. The same is true if you want to connect multiple sites with the same configuration.

As our entities inherit from config entities, you can simply use the config export and import functionality from Drupal core. Make sure to follow the recommended best practices:

Different Setups on Different Environments

As your Content Stage will be configured differently than your Content Production site, make sure to use the Config Split module to separate the Flow Config. You don't have to include the Pool Config in Config Split, as you're using the same pool in all environments.

Different Detail Settings on Different Environments

As the Sync Core URL will be different on your CD environments and your Content Stage must use a different site ID than your Content Production site, make sure to overwrite these values in your settings.php.

Overwrite the Sync Core URL in your settings.php

$settings["cms_content_sync"]["pools"]["<machine_name_of_the_pool>"]["backend_url"] = "http://.../rest";

Overwrite the Site ID in your settings.php

$settings["cms_content_sync"]["pools"]["<machine_name_of_the_pool>"]["site_id"] = "...";

Connect to Sync Core

If you have imported the config to your site, you can run the following drush command to let the Sync Core know about your configuration:

drush @sites cse