You can always checkout the latest changes in our Change Log.

Please take a look at the subpages of this article to check against version specific updates.

Please follow these instructions when updating to a new version.

  1. Make sure no site is actively using the Sync Core for the next 5-30 minutes until the update is complete.
  2. Update the Sync Core
    1. If you're using the SaaS version, we update everything for you.
    2. If you host the Sync Core yourself, follow the instructions in the Sync Core repository.
  3. Update the Module
    1. Update the code of the module, preferably via composer.
    2. Run database updates, e.g. with drush updb
    3. Clear all caches, e.g. with drush cr
  4. Export the configuration from all sites
    1. Either via the UI: Go to the "Flows" tab and hit "Export" on all flows.
    2. Or via drush: drush cse