There are a couple of settings you can override in your settings.php files for your sites. Some of these options allow you to re-use existing configuration between multiple sites while only adjusting a minimum set of options per site.

Enable or disable a Flow

To enable or disable a certain Flow you can use the following setting:

$config["cms_content_sync.flow.FLOW_MACHINE_NAME"]["status"] = TRUE / FALSE;

Just replace the FLOW_MACHINE_NAME with the machine name of the Flow configuration in your site(s).

Request timeout

If you want to increase or decrease the request timeout from your site to the Sync Core, you can adjust it with the following setting:

$config['cms_content_sync.sync_core_request_timeout'] = 30;

By default, the Drupal request timeout limit is used that is a fixed 30 seconds in Drupal.

Overwriting configurations

The base url, site name and site UUID can be overwritten within your settings.php file.

The site UUID must only be overwritten after the initial configuration export to the sync core and must always be unique.
If this is getting ignored, you might run into several issues which are not always undoable without wiping your data from the sync core.

$settings["cms_content_sync_base_url"] = "";
$settings["cms_content_sync_site_name"] = "My site name";
$settings["cms_content_sync_site_uuid"] = "1e3d1dce-45d1-43ce-af74-c5011706232e";