Before your start, make sure to checkout the Technical Requirements and how to Install and enable the module.

On the following pages you will find an example how a setup for Content Pools could look like and what needs to be done to set it up. Further information about Content Pools could be found here.

To use Content Pools, all sites that should be able to pull entities from the pools must have the same configuration for their entity types. Our example use case:


  • Media
  • News


  • All sites are able to push Media items to the Media pool.
  • All sites are able to pull Media items from the Media pool.
  • All sites are able to push News contents to the News pool.
  • All sites are able to pull News items from the News pool.
  • Content that has been imported can't be edited.

Important pre-configuration

Before you can start with the setup of the pools and flows, you have to ensure that the checkbox "Enable preview" at the CMS Content Sync > Settings is set.


  • Site - Germany
  • Site - Austria
  • Site - Switzerland

In the following steps we assume that the 3 sites are already setup, and the content type News and the media type Image exists on all of them.