The following steps needs to be done on all three sites (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

We'll start with the Content Pools setup by creating the pools. Open up the CMS Content Sync configuration pages-

and go to the Pools tab.

Next we are going to create the pools that are needed to fulfill the given requirements: Media and News.

To create our first pool click on "Add Pool" at the top of the page.

On the following screenshot you will see the configuration for Germany, Pool - Media.

Sync Core URL
The Sync Core URL will be provided by the Edge Box GmbH to you. If you do not have a Sync Core URL yet, feel free to contact us:

After hitting Save, you will be redirected to the export page for the pool. Wait until it has finished before you continue:

You will see a success message once it's finished:

If you see any errors here, you probably entered an incorrect Sync Core URL. In that case re-enter the correct URL and wait for the export to finish.

Repeat the creation process for the pools of all sites-

Keep in mind the given requirements
- Germany
- Austria
- Switzerland

So that you end up with the following pool setups.