Once the pools are setup, we can continue with the flow configuration.

Within the following steps we will provide an example configuration for the Austria site. The flow creation process needs to be done as well for the Sites Germany and Switzerland. The configuration will be the same for all sites.

Visit the tab "Flows" at the CMS Content Sync configuration backend and click on "Add flow".

On the flow create page, select a meaningful name to describe what it will handle. The flow we are going to create will handle export/import of the content type "News" and the media type "Image", so we will name it "Node: News / Media: Image - Content Pool - Export/Import".

Scroll through the list until you have found the news content type bundle.

Configure Node - News export and import

For the handler select "Default Node".

The checkbox "Ignore unpublished content" must be set as we do not want to export unpublished content.

For the export configuration we choose "Manually"- this will ensure that the content managers have to manually push the News page instead of it being exported directly once it has been created / updated and published. Further information about manual exports can be found here.

Within the export pool configuration set Media Pool to "Forbid", as we don't want News content to be pushed to the Media pool, and the News Pool to "Force". By doing that the content managers do not have to select the News pool, they just need to push the News content and it will be automatically added to the News pool.

For this example the pool widget configuration can be ignored.

Besides the export of new contents and their updates we also want to delete content on all other sites using it when it is getting deleted on the source site.

The flow will also take care of the import of content. As the content managers should be able to select which content should be imported to the site they manage, this is set to "Manually".

For the import pool configuration we need to set the Media pool to "Forbid" and the News pool to "Allow".

We want to centrally delete content (see above). Additionally we want to allow the content managers to delete the content from their sites after they have imported it.

The next configuration that needs to be done for the import is the update behavior. Since we do not want to allow the content managers to change content that has been imported, we set it to-

Further information about update behaviors can be found here.

For Content Pools it is important that we give the content managers a preview of what they are going to import. The preview configuration field allows the site builders to select a view mode that is going to be used to render the preview that is shown on the import dashboard.

Once this is done you can hit "Save" and your the Flow will be exported to the Sync Core. To export your first news, create an example news and checkout the manual export documentation here.