Configure how imported entities should handle local changes.

For the update behaviors we provide four possible configurations:

Dismiss local changes 

Users can overwrite the imported entity locally but when an update gets imported, all local changes will be discarded and overwritten.

Ignore updates completely

Users can overwrite the imported entity locally and remote updates will not effect it anymore.

Forbid local changes and update

The entity edit mask is locked so that the entity can not be edited. Updates will be imported.

Update unless overwritten locally

Entities are updated automatically until a content manager flags them as overwritten. All flagged entities will not be effected by remote changes anylonger and the content managers are able to adjust them to their needs.

Update unless overwritten locally - Paragraphs

A special behavior is implemented for Paragraphs, allowing you to flag individual paragraphs as overwritten. The flagged paragraphs will not receive remote updates anymore. All unflagged paragraphs will keep receiving updates. This only applies if you selected "Merge local changes".