The migration from v1 to v2 is fully automated. Just install the new module version and follow the process in the UI that guides you step by step.

To not leave you in any broken state or leave editors unable to update content, you can still use your v1 Sync Core while the migration is running. So even if anything would go wrong, your update process can still continue. You can even test individual updates with v2 while v1 is still used for all regular updates to ensure a smooth transition.

Breaking changes

  • An Internet connection is always required when using the module.

  • Sites can't be registered without signing up at

  • Only one Sync Core can be connected per site.

  • Flows now work fully independent to each other. So e.g. if Flow A pushes files as references and Flow B pushes content that references files, files will not be pushed along with the content unless Flow B also pushes files.

  • We can't provide a fixed public IP address for the Sync Core right now.

  • Flows can only EITHER pull OR push. If you want sites to both Pull and Push, simply create two different Flows.

  • All sites must be accessible by the Sync Core.

    • This was the case before, but there were workarounds. These workarounds are no longer possible.

  • We don’t support old browsers like Internet Explorer and only fix issues with the most recent versions of each browser.

For on-premise users

  • The Sync Core must be accessible directly by end-users.

    • The Sync Core can still be private, but users must have direct HTTP/HTTPS access to it.

  • Mongo v4.4+ is required now instead of 3.6+.